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Human Resources – National

The HR Specialist
In addition to providing plain-English HR advice that tells readers what they can do, not just what they can’t do, monthly issues of The HR Specialist and its related weekly e-letters show HR professionals how to raise the profile of the HR function from the back office to the boardroom. Readers will find personal success by developing innovative solutions to general management problems. Learn more...

HR Specialist: Compensation & Benefits
In-depth strategic advice for designing, developing and maintaining compensation and benefit programs that attract and retain talent and make our readers’ organizations the employer of choice. HR Specialist: Compensation & Benefits guides professionals through their often-confusing and shifting legal and regulatory responsibilities while contributing to – rather than detracting from – the organization’s financial goals.  Learn more...

HR Specialist: Employment Law
Clear, common-sense employment law advice that cuts directly to the bottom line. An attorney may say what the law is – but the monthly issues of HR Specialist: Employment Law and its related weekly e-letters explain what managers and HR professionals should do that is both safe and practical in the real world of business. Learn more...

Human Resources – By State

HR Specialist: State Employment Law
Avoid your state’s legal landmines. Aggressive attorneys don’t stop with federal laws like the FMLA, ADA and FLSA: they use state and local living-wage statutes, rural codes, plus discrimination and other laws to sue employers for sky’s-the-limit damages. Eliminate this exposure with a plain-English, state-specific newsletter that keeps you in step with current interpretations of state and local laws – and out of court.

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Executive Leadership
By converting proven theories into practical advice, Executive Leadership helps aspiring leaders learn how to make sound decisions that will raise productivity and fatten the bottom line; negotiate with vendors, competitors, employees and clients; innovate and inspire creativity in their teams; and delegate authority so that they can manage their time and achieve more at a higher level. Learn more...

Office Administration

Administrative Professional Today
The administrative professional’s guide to accelerated career development. Administrative Professional Today offers practical advice on office efficiency, politics, communication, time management, supervisory problems and technology. The monthly issues and weekly electronic forum give special attention to the changing duties of administrative professionals in today’s business environment. Learn more...


Small Business Tax Strategies
Smart small business owners save thousands of dollars per year on their personal and business taxes by taking advantage of the legal loopholes that the government creates for their unique tax situation. Small Business Tax Strategies cuts through tedious tax code to reveal the bonanza of completely legal opportunities to grow personal wealth and secure an enjoyable retirement.  Learn more...